My Model A repair shop is located 30 miles south of Minneapolis, MN.  If you are within reasonable driving distance, my shop is your local source for quick and reliable engine repair.  I also offer Model A spoked wheel repair and straightening services to local Club members.

I have been working on Ford Model A's for over 30 years.  I offer fair prices, reliable and efficient service from my shop.

My associates and I strive to deliver precision machining and assembly services.  

I enjoy helping Model A owners keep their cars performing well.  I have included links on the Services page of my website to access some of the techniques I employ for those of you who wish to "Do it Yourself"  

The local engine repair shops that understood the science of pouring Babbitt are no longer in existence.  There are many shops around the country that still do this work and do it well but unfortunately, the cost of shipping an engine to and from these locations is very high.  To offer an affordable alternative, I have been rebuilding Model A & B engines with inserted bearings.  Mains and rods are adaptable to the process.  I have completed 311 engines over the last 17 years with excellent results.  
   Ford Model A & B Engines
      Rebuilt with Insert Bearings
        By Durable Performance

Rear main cap with insert bearing
A block machined,  and ready for assembly
Wheel straightening press.
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Checking backlash