What's happening in my Model A Engine shop?
Insert bearing Model A engines I have completed,
Where are they?
Minnesota:  142 Inserted bearing Model A & B engines
North Dakota: 2 Inserted engines
Iowa:  8  Model A & B Engines
Wisconsin:  9
Michigan: 1 Inserted Touring
Colorado: 1 inserted Engine
California: 6 Inserted Engines
Louisiana:  1 inserted Engine
Texas: 1 inserted Engine

Currently working on:  3 engines
Catherine's Coupe is almost ready for final coat of primer and then top coats.  Catherine is planning to visit the painter's shop this week to see the progress and to select colors.  See photos below....
I finished building and test ran an engine yesterday for Steve's Model A.  I will run it for an hour on the dyno to break it in and it will be ready to install.  He and his brother are restoring a recently acquired Model A. 

Late last week, three projects arrived at my shop.
Bob's Coupe had a rod noise evident at about 1500 rpm under light load.  Turns out three piston pins are loose in the bronze rod bushings.  One was bad enough to cause the noise.  Engine is out, crankshaft is being sent to be re-ground to fit new insert rods.  I am cleaning up the engine for fresh paint and pre-fitting the rods to the pistons.

Hank's Cragar overhead conversion Hill-Climb engine had a failure at the crankshaft flange.  The flex-plate holding the ring gear came loose and caused damage.  I removed the crankshaft from the engine and delivered it to an experienced engine machinist.  We are going to increase the size of the fasteners and add two additional flex-plate bolts to create more clamping force.  We'll see.

Jeff's '29 Pickup started making a terrible racket while he was driving it.  I started it to hear it myself and immediately shut it down.  I suspect a rod cap let loose.  We have discussed a total rebuild of the engine as he wants to only do this once.  We finished removing the engine yesterday.  

Update:  Upon breakdown of the motor, we found a broken crankshaft.  Photos below....