What's happening in my Model A Engine shop?

Insert bearing Model A engines I have completed,
Where are they?
Minnesota:  164 Inserted bearing Model A & B engines
North Dakota: 2 Inserted engines
Iowa:  10  Model A & B Engines
Wisconsin:  13
Michigan: 1 Inserted Touring
Colorado: 1 inserted Engine
California: 6 Inserted Engines
Louisiana:  1 inserted Engine
Texas: 1 inserted Engine

Currently working on:  6 customer engines
Catherine's 1930 Coupe was taken home.   After a 2 year and 8 month restoration, it is ready to be driven and enjoyed.  The car belonged to Catherine's father and he never got around to starting the restoration before he passed.     Catherine was determined to restore the car and did much of the work herself with the help of many members of the Twin Cities Model A Ford Club.

The result of all the hard work is stunning!
I recently filled out my order for one of the "new Model A" blocks designed by Terry Burtz.  The engines will have full oil pressure, a 5-main bearing counterweighted crankshaft and a set of connecting rods.  All original Model A engine parts will fit the block.  They were to be shipping them at the end of January but there has been a delay.  Latest info I have has them coming late February.  I have 3 people wanting to order the kit but I encouraged them to wait until I assemble one to see if there are any issues.  If the engine proves good, we will be ordering them in batches of 5.  I plan to keep the first one I have coming for myself as I have a project in mind.

Since Mid August, I expanded my workshop.  I now have space to move and organize/sort parts for a more orderly restoration process.  I am enjoying the space.  I will post a couple photos in the near future.

I have one engine to assemble this weekend.  It is a standard longblock for a gent who lives in St Paul, MN.
I have 7 blocks at the machining center. Three customer blocks and four to put on my shelf for the next people needing a replacement or wanting to exchange. I expect another block to arrive for rebuild as a shortblock around the middle of next week.

To all of my friends who are being careful and staying isolated during this Covid outbreak, keep your spirits up. The vaccines are finally starting to arrive.  I have a road trip in mind as soon as it is safe to be out and about. I am planning my work load to be ready to travel by April.  I also hope to join a travel group for a tour starting in Utah in September.  

One engine at the machining center, one ready to be taken there.  Two engines to be taken apart and readied for rebuilding.  A car is coming soon for a steering sector gear and bushing replacement.  There is also a rear end rebuild to be completed.

I am assembling a Burtz engine with a Miller Hi-Speed Head, oil filter, lightened flywheel and new after market aluminum oil pan that holds 6 quarts of oil.  I am waiting for the oil pan to be delivered to complete the build.  I had hoped to have it tested and installed in my '31 Slant Windshield Town Sedan before June but the delay on the oil pan is making that questionable.

After three years of on and off work the clam shell teardrop and '31 are ready to go.  As soon as this virus is contained, we are off!