What's happening in my Model A Engine shop?

Insert bearing Model A engines I have completed,
Where are they?
Minnesota:  188 Inserted bearing Model A & B engines
North Dakota: 2 Inserted engines
Iowa:  10  Model A & B Engines
Wisconsin:  18
Michigan: 2 Inserted Touring
Colorado: 1 inserted Engine
California: 6 Inserted Engines
Louisiana:  1 inserted Engine
Texas: 1 inserted Engine

Currently working on:  4 customer and 6 Burtz engines
Catherine's 1930 Coupe was taken home.   After a 2 year and 8 month restoration, it is ready to be driven and enjoyed.  The car belonged to Catherine's father and he never got around to starting the restoration before he passed.     Catherine was determined to restore the car and did much of the work herself with the help of many members of the Twin Cities Model A Ford Club.

The result of all the hard work is stunning!

Update: 10.4.22
I now have a little over 18,000 miles on my Miller Hi-Speed Head topped Burtz engine.  It has been running well and I am very satisfied with both the head and the block.  

New project:
I am assembling components to build a "Jeep-like" vehicle for use around our property and maybe some 1/8 mile time trials.  I plan to shorten a Model A frame and running gear by 18".  I have a quick-change rear end, rolling chassis to fit it to and an already built B engine.  

I have seven blocks at my machining center.  Four are customers blocks and the remaining are for my stock of replacement blocks.
I have all of my original engines, that are machined, built and ready for delivery.  Two engines were picked up last week.
Six Burtz engines are in various stages of assembly with one of them ready to remove from the engine stand and ship. I have orders for five additional Burtz engines to be assembled and completed before spring.
I just committed my last Burtz block for a gentleman from northern Minnesota.  I will be ordering more Burtz blocks this summer.
I am currently working on fitting a Burtz engine with a "B" pan and testing it before installing it in a 1932 5 window coupe. The engine has a Riley two port overhead valve head on it with two Stromberg 97 carburetors.
The first test of the engine yesterday was not a success.  There is a leak near the rear of the oil pan.  Today's project is to trace the point of the leak and make modifications.  Tomorrow test it again after the pan sealants have set.

After three years of on and off work the clam shell teardrop and '31 are ready to go.  As soon as this virus is contained, we are off!