My name is Dave Gerold and I live south of Jordan, MN with my wife Jean.  We live on a corner of the family farm that has been in our family since before the Civil War.  Jean and I have raised two respectful and productive sons who are now out and making it on their own.  

Jean is a retired elementary school teacher and I am a retired custom homebuilder. We each have close to 40 years of experience in our vocations.  We are active members of the Twin Cities Ford Model A Club and find ourselves most active during the touring season.  We are also members of MARC, MAFCA and MAFFI.

In 2013 we completed a cross country trip of 9,200 miles.  If you want to check out our adventure here is a link:   We recently completed an upper East Coast road trip in our Phaeton and logged 5800 miles. We finished the lower East Coast in a just restored '31 S/W Town Sedan and logged 6500 miles.

Jean and I have logged over 160,000 miles in our Model A's.  We attend most of the closer National Model A Conventions with a group of good friends from our Club.  The Phaeton we use for touring has over 105,000 miles on the insert bearing engine I installed in it 23 years ago.  It has performed perfectly over these miles with no mechanical issues.

I have restored a '28 Closed Cab Pickup, a '29 Phaeton and a '31 S/W Town Sedan for an Alaskan road trip.
Many evenings and weekends you will find me in my workshop involved in one Model A project or another.  I find it really rewarding to keep these cars running properly.

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