On this page you will find some links that will take you to Restoration Clinic hand-outs I have written and distributed.  There are also some Do-It-Yourself  (DIY) tips you may find useful. 
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Simple engine transport stand                                                   Click for details
Wheel Straightening article published by MAFCA              MAFCA Article
  This is a large article with pictures...allow time for it to load.        
Wheel Wobble Reduction by Spoke shrinking                   DIY   Clinic Handout
Performance tuning of Zenith carburetors                            DIY   Clinic Handout
  Intake manifold enlargement                                       DIY    Pictures
Frame spreader you can build                                                  DIY   Pictures
Restorer's tip:  Removing the oil pan sub pan...easy!        Click for Tip
Engine Leaks and Cures                                               Click for Clinic Handout
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