Basics:   Check and adjust babbitt mains and rods for proper clearance
Includes pan gaskets sealants and shop supplies           $300.00                              

Short block:  Includes inserted bearings and new insert bearing rods, cylinder boring, new pistons & rings, new valves, reground camshaft        $2,565.00

Long block:  Includes all Short block work plus re-furbishing your pan,
covers, surfacing of head, rebuilt oil pump and completely assembled              $3,100.00

Touring Engine  Includes Long block work plus counterweighted & balanced crank ligntened flywheel, touring cam, balance flywheel & pressure plate & new high compression Snyders head.     $4,634.00

Burlington Touring Engine  Contact me for your Burlington crankshaft
needs or questions.  This newly manufactured crankshaft works very well
with my processes.
         DYNO REPORT                                 

Dyno run:   Place in engine stand and run for two or more hours with dyno load.                                                              Add to Long block or Touring Engine         $350.00

Call or email for Model B engine pricing

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                                    ADDITIONAL PRICING     
  Ford Model A & B Engines
     Rebuilt with Insert Bearings
       By Durable Performance