I specialize in Model A & B engine rebuilding with insert bearings.  I am also called upon to do many other mechanical repairs and maintenance on the Ford Model A.  I have relationships with three machine shops that specialize in engine work.  I caustic clean and magnaflux the engine blocks, then steel shot blast, paint, seal them and then have the machining completed.  I check all work as it comes back from the machinists and then carefully assemble the engines.  

Our engine services include:  
Engine Diagnostics and tuning 
Caustic cleaning, and CLR vatting· of engine blocks and components
Crack checking and repair, block pressure testing
Engine rebuilding with modern insert bearings 
Modern valve kits with one piece valve guides 
Performance work
Line boring services for inserted bearings
Engine assembly
Engine Dyno break-in
Install completed engine in your Model A 

Model A wheel straightening:
I only provide this service to Twin Cities Model A Ford Club members
Spoke straightening
Wobble correction
Other Model A services
Transmission rebuilding
Clutch work
Lightened flywheels
Carburetor cleaning and tuning
Differential rebuilding

           ...and of course...most other mechanical repairs needed on a Model A 

Intake manifold enlargement
Tapping for a Helicoil insert prior to cleaning and machining
   Ford Model A & B Engines
      Rebuilt with Insert Bearings
        By Durable Performance
Engine installed in break-in stand